Our Approach

One on one or group classes are available.  We go over safety and assess your level of comfort in the water first.

When our instructors feel you are ready, we will get you up on a kite, SUP or out in the surf at your own pace.

Our Story

Todd Davis has been teaching Kite Boarding on Maui for 20 years, and is sponsored by BEST Kites.

Meet the Team

Todd, his dog Sparky, Tyler...who else is on the team...YOU ARE!


Todd Davis

Main Coach

Todd is a seasoned Surfer, Kite, and SUP instructor with over 30 years of experience here in the waters of Hawaii.


Tyler Stattin

Tyler is here to help you stretch, strengthen and heal on your off days.  He holds a Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is an experienced martial arts instructor with nearly 20 years of training and teaching Korean and Chinese Martial Arts.  Join him at the beach or in the dojo on the stormy days for some Ninja Sauce!




Sparky is a 5 pound Chihuahu-Jack Russle Terrior Mutt of some kind...and always ready for an adventure, he is the Book Keeper, Chief Operations Officer, and Kite Temple Guardian...

Next Steps...

Book now through our self booking app, or give us a call 808 357 9323