Kite Surfing Lessons

Kite surfing is a combination of surfing, wake boarding, and hang gliding. It involves a rider on a twin-tip or surf board being propelled strictly by Maui's north shore wind.

Surf Instructions

Everyone can surf - sometimes all that's needed is a bit of coaching on wave alignment and board positioning. Long board, short board...we'll get you up on a board with a smile!

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP) Lessons

Stand-up Paddle Boarding is a great way to enjoy the water and all that is holds.  It's 74 year mom does it - if she can!

We have plenty of gear!

No need to rent or outsource equipment, we are the "one-stop shop." We provide kites, bars, pumps, harnesses, stand-up paddle, surf, and twin-tip boards in all shapes and sizes.

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Next Steps...

Give us a call - (808) 357-9323 - or set a lesson through our booking engine.